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Our Story

If you want to know me, you need to know my story. DKZEE Cleaning Service was founded by myself, Vanessa Langford in February 2007 but only started operating in April 2008.

D K ZEE – An acronym of the names of my three sons, Dane, Kyle and Zeeno.

From a 9 square metre, second hand wendy house office in 2008 to a 120 square metre brick and mortar office in 2012, my business grew, and I rose from a catastrophic divorce stronger, smarter and wiser. I had emotional and psychological roadblocks with inner limitations I had to overcome to achieve my prized goals in life.

How many times do you rise after you've come crashing down? In my experience it has had to be every single time. I have realized through the process of living and growing that adversity doesn’t need to be life-threatening.

My desire back in 2008 was to empower the less fortunate who would not easily find a decent job in the market and develop them into professional cleaning technicians.

My drive was to build a team which, through meaningful contribution, could develop a sense of pride and acceptance in their communities. I also had to put food on the table for my own family and raise my three sons who were all at school and later university. And so DKZEE Cleaning Service was born. 

Believing in my ability to offer exceptional service to my customers, I rose from my own fallen ashes, from cleaning with a mop and a bucket to building a thriving Corporate and Commercial cleaning business with dynamic people.

We started out with only myself and 1 employee. Today we have grown to 38 employees. DKZEE has given work opportunities over the years to 203 people who in turn have been able to support over 1500 family members.

Winning the Business Achievers Award in 2009 one year after going live was a dream come true. Once again proving to me that with consistency and tenacity, one can reach great heights.

Growth is rarely immediate in life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming with the right discipline and desire to make a difference.

I pride myself on sharing my passion, leadership and business strategies in order to deliver customer value, deepen customer relationships and ensure that the business grows and flourishes while delivering exemplary cleaning and hygiene services.

We laugh, we cry and we grow, together as a team and as a family. As a family business we are able to provide stability, long-term vision and creativity and we continue to never rest on our laurels, always looking to improve our abilities, systems, and training.

I have one primary self-motivation that I tell myself and my staff almost every day and that is Don’t give up…Don’t quit! We are a proudly successful company and work hard to achieve our business Vision which is TO BE YOUR PREFERRED CLEANING AND HYGIENE SOLUTION.